Civil Matters

The discussion about the proposed Kingsford development has really hotted up over the past week, since the launch of AFC’s #AllForAurora campaign.

With this we issue a plea to those on both sides of the debate and encourage measured and rational discussion.

There are very strong opinions from those both for and against the plans and, as the pre-determination hearing nears, they are likely to further polarise fans and non-fans alike.

We maintain our stance of supporting the development on behalf of the majority will of supporters, based on the information currently available.

However, we acknowledge the concerns of those opposed and urge supporters to do the same. Conversely, we would ask that those opposed appreciate the reasons for supporting the move.

Irrespective of opinion, we must be open-minded and level-headed. The outcome will affect the localities of both the current and proposed homes of AFC. It will have an impact on communities and business. It will also have a huge bearing on the future of Aberdeen Football Club, an institution that so many in the North East hold dear.

The pros and cons are being constantly disputed and debated in the flesh, in print and online. We encourage both sides to do so respectfully.

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