AFC Launches Fan Forum

Today, DST welcomes the news that AFC is launching a supporters’ forum ahead of next season.

We are delighted to have been offered a place on the committee, allowing us to represent the majority view of our members – and the wider support – on a regular basis and in a structured framework of supporter engagement.

In recent times we have enjoyed an increasingly healthy relationship with the club, bringing to them a supporter’s perspective of the recent, crucial issues that will shape the club’s future wellbeing.

DST Chairman, Kevin Mackenzie, said: “We have long championed with the club the power of supporter influence and the necessity to engage with the lifeblood of the club.

“The fans will determine the growth and future health of the club on and off the pitch. Their voice is one that must be heard.

“We commend the club for recognising this and addressing it formally.”

The forum will be chaired by Aberdeen’s Supporter Liaison Officer, Lynn Fiske, and will convene at intervals throughout the 2018/19 season to discuss supporter issues.

Any supporter can apply to be part of the forum here, by Friday 22 June. If you require any more information please e-mail

As part of the forum, we seek to act as a conduit for our members, giving them a voice. Be part of the voice – sign up for membership today, for free.

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