Board Meeting Minutes – Thursday 22 June

Minutes from Meeting – Held on Thursday 22 June at 6.30pm at the Brig O Don Restaurant, 739 King Street

Attendees: Kevin Mackenzie, Scott Barclay, Chris Smith, Lewis Walker, Phil Hay, Pietrina Mercer (board member designate). Apologies – Gordon Duncan

1. Minutes from Previous Meeting

2. Open discussion with Lynne Fiske SLO
Intro from Lynne and her role. Just commenced her 1st full week. Roll is in its infancy. Intro given to Lynne as to who and what DST is. Both stressed the need for a solid working relationship and open communication. DST looks forward to working with Lynne.

3. Banking
Bank account position accepted. Still trying to sort Internet Banking with RBS. Letter received and being followed up with potential branch visit w/c 26/6/17.

4. Display Team
Kevin is to propose a meeting to Brian Caruana to discuss matters.

5. Website Update
Chris Scott was not in attendance so no update provided. Appears to have been emails discussing the website but clarity needed.

6. Supporter Funding Scheme
Awaiting info from AFC. Appears to be something happening on this front with the Club. DST also aware of a private campaign started on Twitter.

7. Survey Monkey
Agreed to let this lapse for now.

Resignation by Absence accepted for Ross Yeoman.

Action points
1. Banking – Kevin to try and progress or pass off to another Board Member
2. Meeting to be arranged with the Display Team
3. Urgent website update needed

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