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Fans Plan for the Future of Scottish Football

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Based on the results of 2 surveys , Supporters Direct Scotland (SDS) have issued “The Fans Plan” for the future of Scottish football.

An executive summary can be read here with full details of the plan – the PROBLEM, the PROPOSALS and the DETAIL

Dons Supporters Together endorse the plan as the biggest piece of fans feedback to date.

The content is rational and well argued and contains many strong arguments that we do agree with if not all, and we assume our members will be likewise.

SDS Council have a meeting with Stuart Regan, Neil Doncaster and David Longmuir in a couple of weeks’ time to discuss the contents of the Fans’ Plan.

We would be interested in any comments that you have on this – email us at

Scottish Football Supporters Network Survey

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We would encourage you to give your views on Scottish Football and take part in the Scottish Football Supporters Network  (formerly Supporters Direct) survey – see below.

You may remember that, last year, Supporters Direct ran a survey on the future of Scottish football. Over a period of about a week this brought in almost 5000 respondents. The results are still being discussed by the media as they were in stark contrast to the proposals put forward by the SPL. In light of these responses we have been working on a Fans’ Plan to put forward our suggestions for Scottish football. Encouraged by last year’s fantastic response we would like you to complete a short survey which will help us to finalise the Plan which we hope to publish early in the New Year. We would also like to know which issues you think the Scottish Football Supporters Network should prioritise.

The survey can be found at
PLEASE take the time to go and complete the short survey as the more respondents we have the more weight the results will carry in our dealings with the SPL,  SFL, SFA, and the Junior FA as well. In fact we want to hear opinions from every level of football.
It would also be useful if you could ask family and friends to complete the survey. If you have access to Facebook and Twitter it would be great if you could post the link.  The more respondents we have, the more influence we have with the football authorities.

Many thanks.

AFC Trust at the Scottish Parliament

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Greig Ingram, AFC Trust Board member was one of seven supporters representatives invited to give evidence to the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament on the proposed Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill.

The other representatives invited to the evidence session on Tuesday 6 September were Martin Riddell, Edinburgh Tartan Army representative for the Association of Tartan Army Clubs, Dr Neil Havis, Secretary, ERIN Hibernian Supporters Trust,  Jeanette Findlay, Chair, Celtic Trust, Derek Robertson, Board Member, ArabTRUST (The Dundee United Supporters Society), Mark Dingwall, Board Member, Rangers Supporters Trust and Derek Watson, Chair, Heart of Midlothian Supporters Trust.

The general view of all the supporters’ representatives was that the new legislation was separating football supporters from the rest of society and was not really necessary because there was enough existing legislation which could be used to deal with offensive behaviour at football matches or indeed going to and from football matches.

The points raised by Mr Ingram during the discussions were :

Why a piece of legislation to set offensive behaviour in the context of football alone?
This approach comes across as a general attack on all football supporters. There is already legislation which deals with behaviour in general in relation to colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, sexual orientation, transgender identity and disability. Why a new piece of legislation to duplicate this solely in the context of football?
Can you define a form of criminal activity solely within the context of football?
Why not a new piece of legislation to cover the aspects of offensive behaviour prevalent in society, not just football, NOT already covered by existing
The Threatening Communications section of the bill, which has real merit, is ‘only concerned with religious hatred’. Why this distinction in this part of the proposed legislation and not in the offensive behaviour at football section?
If the new piece of legislation is aimed at addressing the issues relating to sectarianism why does it not simply do that and in the process provide a clearly stated definition of sectarianism and related offensive behaviour.
The Bill in its current form does not provide a clear definition of sectarianism and related offensive behaviour. This will result in police commanders at individual football matches making a range of subjective decisions about what is offensive and what is acceptable. This will result in inconsistency and leave the police open to accusations of unfair treatment.
Lack of definition in the bill will result in considerable difficulties in bringing charges and successful convictions.
Don’t make a rule/law you cannot enforce.

The session after the supporters’ representatives evidence session was a further evidence gathering session involving media representatives  Pat Nevin and Graham Spiers and two academics  Prof P. Watters and Dr S. Waiton. This session centred on a vigorous debate on sectarianism and related behaviours and what was acceptable and what was unacceptable behaviour in relation to football matches.

The whole of the two evidence sessions in the Justice Committee, Chaired by Christine Graham, MSP, can be seen at the Scottish Government website

Supporters Direct Campaign: League Reconstruction

Supporters Direct

Supporters Direct have asked us to pass on the following link regarding their campaign against the current proposal for reform of the league structure.

Supporters Direct Scotland Conference: The Future of Scottish Football

Supporters Direct

“The Future of Scottish Football”

Scottish football is in a time of change. The McLeish report recommended sweeping reforms of football governance, the SPL have proposed a new structure for league football and the certainty of ever-increasing media income has disappeared. Against this backdrop supporters are questioning where the game is going and whether the rights changes are being made. This conference will bring supporters’ trusts together with key representatives of football administration, clubs and players to discuss the vision for Scottish football and the realities of running a successful sport fit for modern times.

When: 04 June 2011

Time: 10:30 to 17:00

Venue: Hampden Park, Glasgow, G42 9BA

Ticketing: £10 Supporters Direct members, £30 non-members

Several members of the AFC Trust board will be attending this conference.

In addition to Neil Doncaster and David Longmuir, PFA Scotland Chief Executive Fraser Wishart has recently agreed to be a panellist at the opening debate of this Conference.

For further details and how to book see

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