Kingsford Bus Strategy

We’ve spoken to the Aurora project director, Raymond Edgar, about the bus travel proposals for Kingsford.

We now have the abbreviated bus strategy for a typical Premiership game.

  • These are the initial proposals. These will be fine tuned after an extensive supporter survey to be carried out prior to stadium opening and would be subject to regular review during the playing season;
  • En route pick ups will be included if this is deemed necessary after the survey;
  • The buses would commence around 2.5 hrs before kick off (dependent on travel time);
  • The number of passengers per bus are based on a build up to full bus capacity during the 2.5hr period;
  • The frequency of buses also increases during the 2.5hr period.

View the full bus strategy document here. What do you think? Let us know.

The strategy also offers the following anticipated breakdown of fans by method of transport:

Shuttle buses 5,715
Existing public bus service 280
Home support buses 1,375
Away support buses 400
On site parking – 3/car 3,915
Off site parking – 3/car 1,740
Taxi drop off 413
Westhill walking 350
Kingswells walking 62

Total in Stadium 14,250

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