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Why join Dons Supporters Together?

Aberdeen FC is taking strides towards a better future and is currently facing its most significant challenge since 1903 with the construction of a new stadium and training facilities. Never before has the collective voice of the supporters been so important.  During this critical time it is imperative that supporters of the Dons have a strong and united voice.

Dons Supporters Together will let your voice be heard in the AFC boardroom.

DST lets all Dons supporters – young or old; local or exiled; lapsed or die-hard – participate in improving the future for AFC.

DST members will have the opportunity to partake in questionnaires and asked for their views on matters that are important to AFC fans.

DST provides the important link between supporters, the wider community and the club via regular meetings with the AFC Board discussing a range of topics which affect both the club and its key stakeholders – the supporters.

DST members will receive a monthly Dons Supporters Together e-newsletter, updating members on all the latest with the DST board, Supporters Direct, recent meetings with the club and the thoughts of fellow members on a range of supporter issues.

What can you gain from joining Dons Supporters Together?


  • Membership Certificate and Membership Card with Membership discount deals.




  • Be entitled to attend and vote at DST AGM./EGM




  • Be able to nominate, stand and/or vote in elections for the DST board.




  • Be able to influence DST’s policies and actions including the way funds are utilised.




  • Be invited to attend social events to raise funds to help meet DST’s objectives




  • Monthly Newsletter


Who can join?

Dons Supporters Together membership is open to ALL Dons fans. We have sought to address the perception that to join the DST, it was necessary to be an AFC shareholder. This has not been the case for some time and the DST Board wish this body to be an inclusive one. It is open to everyone who cares about AFC. You do not need to be a shareholder of the club to join. Dons Supporters Together is just Dons Supporters – together. Any and all Dons supporters are welcome and encouraged to join.

How much does it cost?


The cost is free if you provide us with an e-mail address as we will be sending out material electronically via e-mail. However, if you require contact by post, because you haven’t provided us with an e-mail address, there will be an annual charge of £10 to cover our costs.

To be fair to all who have paid subscriptions in the past, existing members as of the 19th November 2011 will be recognized as ‘Founder members’ of the new organization, and as we introduce schemes of benefit to members, it is the intention that the benefits to founder members will be enhanced.

How can I join?
You can join DST easily by signing up online, please find the link below.

Dons Supporters Together will be communicating with members mainly through MailChimp and you will receive an email requesting permission to add you on to our mailing list. Please remember to do this so as not to miss out on any messages. You can of course opt out of this at any time if you wish.

Why wait? Make sure your voice is part of the collective!



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