New stadium proposals published

Three new proposals have been published for the regeneration of the Beach Esplanade area of the city.

Two of which include new stadium for the Dons.

The club has already received approval for a new ground at Kingsford, but the willingness of the local authority to accommodate AFC in the new masterplan means we could remain closer to our current home.

In the first possibility a new stadium (capacity 18,000 – 20,000) would be built next door to the current Beach Leisure Centre, which would be refurbished along with the Beach Ballroom.

The second possibility is the demolition of the leisure centre, with a completely new development adjacent, including a new stadium.

The third masterplan option involves no stadium,

A club spokesperson said: “Aberdeen Football Club remains supportive of the council’s ambitious vision for both the city centre and the beachfront. We’re really impressed with both the scale and pace of the work to date.

“A new stadium at the beach, as part of an integrated approach to leisure and community amenities, is very exciting and we will continue to input constructively to the various consultations and studies which will inform the final plans.”

You can read the full report here:


Our previous engagement with supporters indicated strong approval for Kingsford. Anecdotally, the main motivation was a new stadium rather than the location. DST hopes for extensive dialogue between the club and fans over the latest proposals and any new stadium development. Senior figures at AFC have shown a consider willing to connect with fans over these matters and we have faith this will continue to be the case.

You can read more about what fans thought about the Kingsford relocation back in 2016 with our survey results report.

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